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Octoberfest: Breasts and Breastfeeding Trump Guinness

Octoberfest is the month for beer and celebration in Germany.  Here in the States, October is the month of the breasts.  The focus primarily being on prevention and detection of Breast Cancer.  

For at least one month every year, I am happy that there is a conversation that centers around breasts.  However, these discussions do not generally highlight the impact of breastfeeding upon the health of women’s breasts and/or the powerful connections that are made during the breastfeeding relationship.

The first week of October, 1 Oct.-7 Oct., also marks National Breastfeeding Week in Ireland.

This year it will focus on promoting the wide range of support and information available to women who are considering breastfeeding.   A new website is launching today to coincide with this annual health initiative. TheBreastWay.ie will be a platform that will continue this theme for years to come and increase the numbers of Irish mothers who are happily breastfeeding their babies.

Having been breastfed by my Irish mother, this hits close to home.  Margaret modeled breastfeeding as a norm for me and my siblings.  In fact, she gave a withering look to the doctor who asked her why she was breastfeeding me, the first of five.  He turned tail and fled the room when asked “What are they (the breasts) there for?” 

I am thrilled that in this month of Octoberfest that there is an Irish light shining upon Breastfeeding rather than on the Guinness, which is often recommended as an elixir to enhance breastmilk production. 

I can add my multi-media book/course

, this blog, The Breastfeeding Salon  and The Breastfeeding Salon Show  to this mix.  Focusing on the positive and promoting a healthy reverence for the breasts and Conscious Breastfeeding the world over.


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World Breastfeeding Week 2008

Congratulations to all of the readers of this blog who are currently breastfeeding or planning to begin in the near future.  Today is the mid-way point in the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week.  This event takes place every year from  August 1-7 around the globe in over 120 countries. 

Read more about it here.  worldbreastfeedingweek.org/
The theme for 2008 is: 
Mother Support:  Going for the Gold. 

Sadly, many women still find it difficult to initiate and maintain breastfeeding.  Support is inconsistent in many communities.  Lip service is paid to breastfeeding, but mothers are often discouraged from breastfeeding exclusively.  At every twist and turn, formula is being offered and often leads to early weaning.

Breastfeeding is a confidence game.  Confidence comes when a mother is encouraged and supported to have a pain-free and optimized experience of breastfeeding. 

If something interferes with you getting off to a great start, all is not lost.  However, the sooner after birth that you enhance your breastfeeding connection, the greater the likelihood of you becoming a successful breastfeeding mother.

Join us weekly on The Breastfeeding Salon Show  where nurturing you through your breastfeeding journey is our mission.

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Breastfeeding: A Verb that Stirs up Many Feelings

Alex Mandossian is one of my favorite teachers.  Recently he asked readers of his blog and students “What is your verb? “  It generated a very interesting response from all of us and got me thinking about ‘Conscious Breastfeeding’ as a verb.

I have noticed that many new mothers identify themselves through the prism of their breastfeeding experience.  Feeding their babies is a central theme. Especially in the early days of motherhood, it is often the focus of their existence.  For them, breastfeeding is their verb…”I breastfeed, therefore I am”.

Breastfeeding is indeed an action verb that cannot be done alone.  Each time a woman breastfeeds, it is a unique experience that she shares with her baby or babies.  As with most relationships, it definitely does take on a life of its own.  It stirs up many feelings. 

Feelings according to Wikipedia…” are also known as a state of consciousness..”  Thus when examining the upgraded verb ‘Conscious Breastfeeding’ one must consider them.

On the recent episode of The Breastfeeding Salon Show  we began discussing this notion in greater detail.  Throughout the month of June we will continue exploring, both on the show and here in the blog, how feelings are a critical aspect of your breastfeeding experience. 

How does your Breastfeeding make you feel ?

Happy, Sad, Angry, Loving,Frustrated, Accomplished, Painful, Pleasureful,Tired or Energized.  What describes your journey?

…By being aware of your feelings, you will be able to improve your Conscious Breastfeeding Connections.


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Conscious Breastfeeding: Greening begins at Home

It is fitting that we begin this journey of contemplating the Way of Conscious Breastfeeding on Earth Day 2008. 

I am here to help you learn more about how Conscious Breastfeeding fits into modern life and can foster positive connections with your baby, family and greater community.

Breastfeeding is literally organic… the original Green Food.  The intentional nature of the Conscious Breastfeeding lifestyle lends itself to being quite eco-friendly.  

All the experts agree that we have no hope of salvaging our planet without each one of us taking incremental steps, at the very least, to stop adding to the problem of excessive waste accumulation which is polluting and destroying our beautiful earth.

We are what we eat and how we live.   Conscious Breastfeeding raises this vibration and empowers us to make decisions that honor our bodies, our babies and our world.  Thus, the greening of our world view truly begins at home.

These topics were discussed at length today on The Breastfeeding Salon Show

As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world”

Join in the conversation and find out how Conscious Breastfeeding can connect us all in so many meaningful ways!

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