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Facebook Removes Breastfeeding Photos: Big Brother in Our Midst!

What year is this? I thought it was 2008, not 1984!
Big Brother, or more likely Little Brother, is watching. 

I thought I lived in America, the land of the free and free speech.  It is very hard to believe that in this day and age, selective censorship is still being applied to Breastfeeding.  Facebook has yet again, banned photos of breastfeeding mothers on their own pages within the site.

Some of us can remember the fight for equality that has been waged over these past 4 or 5 decades in the Western world.  We women have struggled for autonomy over our bodies in matters of health and pleasure, and for equal opportunities in education and in the work force. 

Cultural, economic and legislative changes have resulted through the efforts of women gathering in numbers and demanding to be treated with fairness in all aspects of life.

Today thousands of facebook friends will be changing their profile to a breastfeeding photo in protest of this policy which returns in cycles to infringe upon the rights of breastfeeding mothers. 

A “nurse-in” is being staged outside FaceBook corporate headquarters in Northern California where, ironically, the right to breastfeed in public is protected by law.  It is patently ridiculous that photos of same within the somewhat closed environment of Facebook would be deemed obscene.

We are supposed to breastfeed because we are mammals. By definition, the breasts or mammary glands, are a part of our anatomy designed to provide the ideal nourishment for our human babies after their birth.  Breastfeeding continues the maturation and development which began in the womb.

There were no safe artificial baby milk formulas until the 20′th century; it is only in the past 40+ years that they have been available in such abundance. The formula manufacturers have planted the idea that breastfeeding is a choice rather than a right.  They have marketed their product with such skill that many seem to forget that human milk is for human babies.

Mothers and their breastfeeding babies have been featured in high art throughout the history of mankind.  These photos that have been banned are not sexual in nature nor are they deviant or violent like many others that one can easily find on many social networking sites.

Whomever it is that is behind this censorship, must either have Breastfeeding Envy or a severe case of Breastfeeding Amnesia if they had been lucky enough to have been breastfed!

If you are on facebook, change your profile to a breastfeeding photo or image.  Join the Breastfeeding is not Obscene Facebook Group

If the management of Facebook feel uncomfortable viewing photos of breastfeeding, they should just not LOOK!

Bring this issue to the forefront, pun intended. Stand up and be counted!

What do you think? Your comments are welcome and will inspire further discussion. The anger and outrage we feel must go viral.


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