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Breastfeeding Awareness Month: Read All About It

I have spent this month wearing my lactivism on my sleeve. Well, if the truth be told, it has been a much longer period of my life that I have been dedicated to protecting and promoting breastfeeding in a bottle feeding formula-centric culture.

In my office clean up I found this relic. (Click on it and enlarge it.) It was edited by an Indianapolis Pediatrician, Mary Jo Stine who presented it at a conference at least two decades ago.

National Breastfeeding Awareness month, World Breastfeeding Week and the Ultimate Blog Challenge were the perfect storm to help find my voice on a regular basis. I’ve been an ambassador for breastfeeding wherever I have gone these past 31 days…from Starbucks to Facebook. At times, I have even surprised myself how I could relate just about any topic to breastfeeding.

I have been as creative and humorous as possible to raise awareness among all who have crossed my path. I will discuss the highlights in my last post of the challenge.

Still waiting for the day that a banner will read…Breastfeeding Foremost and find no one is offended by the sentiment!

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