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Breastfeeding and Mammograms Save Lives

October 17…an important day for breasts, breastfeeding and babies has just come to a close.

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Here in the States, midway through Breast Cancer Awareness month, this day had been designated as National Mammography day.

For those of you who are currently breastfeeding, mammograms are usually delayed, so you would not have been able to take this call to action.  However, regular self breast exams should be done while lactating.  You know the landscape of your breasts intimately as a nursing mother and will generally notice even more subtle changes as you handle your breasts on a daily basis. Pick a day, the first, the 15′th, 30′th or any day you fancy, and do a thorough exam on that day each month until you wean.

I rather like the synchronicity that this day also marked the beginning of women banding together to support one another breastfeeding their babies.  La Leche League was founded on October 17, 1956.  It has grown over these past 52 years, from that small group of Illinois women, to a membership in excess of 8,000 mothers the world over.

As a daughter of that revolution, I applaud the efforts of those first five La Leche League moms who took a stand for the health and well-being of themselves and their babies.

Breastfeeding has been shown to be protective against contracting breast cancer, but is not fool-proof. Due to environmental, genetic and other yet unknown factors, even women who have breastfed are at risk of developing this disease in their lifetime.  Thus, regular self breast exams, and mammograms when you are finished breastfeeding, are important because early detection saves lives.

Enjoy your breastfeeding journey and use it as an opportunity to maintain the health of your breasts now and in the future.


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