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Breastfeeding: A Verb that Stirs up Many Feelings

Alex Mandossian is one of my favorite teachers.  Recently he asked readers of his blog and students “What is your verb? “  It generated a very interesting response from all of us and got me thinking about ‘Conscious Breastfeeding’ as a verb.

I have noticed that many new mothers identify themselves through the prism of their breastfeeding experience.  Feeding their babies is a central theme. Especially in the early days of motherhood, it is often the focus of their existence.  For them, breastfeeding is their verb…”I breastfeed, therefore I am”.

Breastfeeding is indeed an action verb that cannot be done alone.  Each time a woman breastfeeds, it is a unique experience that she shares with her baby or babies.  As with most relationships, it definitely does take on a life of its own.  It stirs up many feelings. 

Feelings according to Wikipedia…” are also known as a state of consciousness..”  Thus when examining the upgraded verb ‘Conscious Breastfeeding’ one must consider them.

On the recent episode of The Breastfeeding Salon Show  we began discussing this notion in greater detail.  Throughout the month of June we will continue exploring, both on the show and here in the blog, how feelings are a critical aspect of your breastfeeding experience. 

How does your Breastfeeding make you feel ?

Happy, Sad, Angry, Loving,Frustrated, Accomplished, Painful, Pleasureful,Tired or Energized.  What describes your journey?

…By being aware of your feelings, you will be able to improve your Conscious Breastfeeding Connections.



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